Val's Pals

Caring for the Caregivers

Being a Caregiver of someone battling cancer can entail many hours of solitude that pass slowly and at times painfully. However, the job of being a Caregiver, is one of great importance. So this is how I decided to do something for Caregivers. So VAL’s Pals came to life in June of 2017!

Caregivers Programs


Val’s Pals has several events a year to raise money for the Caregivers program. We hope to see you there.


Donations help make our events a success. We are always looking for slightly used purses, wallets, and clutches.


We would love to have you help make Val’s Pal a success. Our volunteers are always loved and help make our program what it is.

My Tribute to My Sisters

My heartfelt labor of love started a year ago after losing my second sister to cancer, (there was a third sister not related to cancer). People are always fascinated when they find out I am from a family of nine. Coming from such a large family has many advantages, I have many fond memories of being surrounded by so many siblings, who all happened to be older than me! I was a third wheel on many dates and probably more of a nuisance than anything, bribed to do chores for a piece of gum, but we all loved each each other equally! Thus to say, with each sister, I lost another part of me.